Warwick Schools Debating Competition

On Saturday 24th November, after having to get to East Croydon at disgustingly early in the morning, we achieved a large amount of success in the Warwick Schools Debating Competition. We sent three teams, which consisted of; Wallington A (Daniel Bramble and Omar Rana), Wallington B (Lucy Mckeone and Hannah Franklin) and Wallington C (Isla Cunningham and James Collyer), with Wallington A reaching the main final and Wallington C reaching the Novice final (for those who have never been to a debating competition). This makes Warwick one of the most successful competitions we have been to and is a brilliant start to debating this year. The list of motions and a link to the tab are below.

  • Round 1: THW suspend ethical considerations for important medical/scientific research.
  • Round 2: THW pay reparations to former colonies.
  • Round 3: THW prosecute all family members for honour killings.
  • Round 4: THW send obese children to weight-loss camps.
  • Novice Final: THW legalise polygamy (multiple marriages).
  • Main Final: THBT Western liberal democracies should use full surveillance on all of its citizens.

The Team and Speaker Tab: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7jTYY73gGmuZmtNMWN1c3E4VU0/edit

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